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  • Calculations and analysis for all commonly used refrigerants
  • Imperial size, copper tube of up to 6-1/8" or schedule 40 steel tube up to 20" diameter. Metric sizes can be added
  • Dry suction, pumped wet suction, high-pressure liquid, compressor discharge, condenser drain and pumped liquid line calculation and analysis -
  • Pipe-Network or Index-circuit calculation modes
  • Interchangeable system data between compatible networks
  • Facilities to: load, load project, save, merge and print file functions
  • Insert, delete and insert/copy, circuit editing functions
  • Comprehensive and robust error checking and reporting system
  • Self-regulating, precision optimisation algorithms for high accuracy fit to penalty requirements with 100% uniformity of pipe-size selections
  • Automatic and detailed analysis of each pipe circuit and individual components
  • Data output includes: pressures, pressure losses, temperature penalties, fluid velocities, mass-flow rates, volume-flow rates, liquid sub-cooling requirement, discharge temperature and much more -
  • Manual facility for analysing and checking individual circuits, with detailed output -
  • Double or single suction riser calculations with parallel-flow analysis
  • Differential analysis and calculation of the system oil return capabilities during winter/summer operation
  • Automatic suction-line oil-return analysis for the entire system with warnings displayed in red
  • Manual facility for checking the oil-return capability of individual circuits -
  • Node point adjustment for a 90 or straight-through junction. This function is partly for compatibility with the 'NetCost', fitting selection and costing system, currently under development
  • Automatic analysis and calculation of node point pressure losses and penalties
  • Dual-pipe and header circuit facility
  • Individual and global, manual pipe-size fixing -
  • Flow-path display, with the facility to manual track each path
  • Automatic summation of pipe lengths and calculation of the system volume, refrigerant charge and refrigerant density
  • Pressure/temperature relationships and temperature-penalty/pressure-loss calculation facility
  • Automatic calculation and selection of pipe-wall gauge to BS4434, with maximum working and test pressures -
  • Automatic calculation of BS4434 system design and test pressures, and safety device settings
  • Manual facility for checking system pressures and safety device settings to BS4434 -
  • Vessel pressure relief valve calculations (c = fdl) and compressible-flow pressure-drop calculations for vessel pressure relief lines -
  • Weights of tube and contents per metre with tables for recommended support centres, threaded rod maximum loading and weights, cable tray and SWA cable weights
  • Full compatibility with 'NetCost', automatic pipe-network fitting selection and cost analysis software (available during 2002).



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