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  • Load, save and print file functions
  • Simple Rectangular or complex Multi-wall mode with dimensional limits of 1000m x 1000m x 50m high
  • Built-in library of the most commonly used insulation materials. These are Polystyrene, Polyurethane, Polyfoam HD and SD, PAROC 50 and 75 mineral wool, floor-to-ground and intermediate concrete floor
  • Facility to manually enter a user-defined insulation material and 'U' value
  • Insulation and construction material data-storage-file for the importation of user-defined or standard insulation data into the calculation
  • Each floor, wall or ceiling area can have a different temperature difference and insulation material
  • Floor, wall and ceiling temperature differences can be adjusted to take advantage of heat losses to colder adjacent areas -
  • The floor-to-ground perimeter length and degree of exposure can be adjusted to optimise the calculation. This combined with the wall and ceiling temperature difference adjustments can make a significant difference to the total heat gain on areas with adjacent refrigerated areas -
  • Data globalisation facilities for the rapid entry of data
  • To speed up calculations, pre-prepared client-specific design templates can be built and saved for future use. Using these methods, the heat load calculation and cooler selection can be carried out in less than 20 seconds per area
  • All of the psychrometric properties of air between -60 and 60C -
  • Room cooler and room air-cycle psychrometric analysis -
  • Comprehensive range of what-if air psychrometric calculations -
  • Automatic calculation of floor-to-ground U-values
  • Manual facility for calculating floor-to-ground U-values
  • Axial fan analysis for calculating fan-blade and motor power consumption, for fans operating with non-standard air
  • Extensive database of products with comprehensive range of properties. Data can be imported into the calculation
  • Selectable product cooling or freezing calculations -
  • Comprehensive set of air ingress calculation facilities based on standard infiltration load, ventilation air volume and/or door openings -
  • Fully integrated, room cooler selection and analysis system with fixed or floating temperature difference calculations -
  • Database of several popular cooler-manufactures cooler data files for selection. If required, a built-in cooler file creation and editing system can be provided
  • Psychrometric analysis of room heat gains and sensible heat ratio, integrating product moisture loss calculations for sensible to latent heat adjustment
  • Built-in solar aspect temperature difference adjustment of walls and ceiling exposed to external ambient conditions -



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